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Top 10 Books for IBPS PO Exam –

top 10 books for IBPS PO Exam

IBPS PO is about to come and hence keeping this in mind, today we going to share with you top 10 books for IBPS PO exam. These books provide guaranteed success to you, if you read and practice them on regular basis. For cracking any exam, it is very important to select the right book for yourself. But there are various writers books available in the market, it become difficult to choose the best one.

So, what we’ve done, we come up with the top 10 books for IBPS Exam approved by experts. The IBPS PO banking exam consists of mainly five sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, General Awareness and Computer. We have come up with the top books in all these five sections. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

Top 10 Books for IBPS PO Exam

1. Sankhyatmak Abhiyogyata (Quantitative Aptitude) by RS Agarwal

Sankhyatmak Abhiyogyata (Quantitative Aptitude)

For clearing the quantitative section in the banking exam, this book is the best. If you are serious about getting the PO job in the banking sector, then you should solve it twice. The book also consists of short cut tricks that saves lot of time while giving the exam.

Download Book from here

2. Comprehensive Guide to IBPS by Disha Publications

You will get all the five sections in one single book. The book is divided into five sections – quantitative, reasoning, computer, general awareness and reasoning. One can prepare for pre exam as well as mains exam with this single book. The books is from Disha Publication.

3. Magical Book on Quicker Mathematics – M Tyra

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

Only those people can crack the banking exam who knows the value of time. The pre – exam in IBPS PO is of just 1 hour. In this one hour time period, candidates require to solve 100 questions which is quite a challenge. There are 35 questions in quantitative section. In order to solve them quickly, it is very important that one should be aware of various mathematical tricks. This book provides magical tricks to solve Quants problem in few seconds.

4. High School English Grammar & Composition

Though the English section consists of just 30 questions in the pre-exam, but one of the important section. If you fail in this section, you won’t be able to crack the IBPS PO Exam. English Language book from Wren & Martin assist you in learning English grammar with which you can easily solve error/correction, fillers and jumbled para section with lot of ease.

5. Analytical Reasoning – MK Pandey

If you are having Analytical Reasoning from MK Pandey, then consider the reasoning section secure. It consists of all the chapters that comes in Reasoning whether syllogism, inequalities, puzzle, directions or blood relations.

6. A Mirror of Common Errors – Ashok Kumar Singh

A Mirror of Common Errors

We recommend this book very highly. Most of the questions in English section consists of error and correction. If you are among those who have difficulty in solving the common error problems, then solve as many questions as you can from this book. You will become a pro when it comes to solving error related questions.

7. Banking Awareness – Arihant

This book is the best book for IBPS PO exam for cracking the banking and general awareness. It consists of all the latest current affairs questions as well as banking awareness related information.

8. Lucent’s Computer

The book consists of all the important questions that are frequently asked in the computer section in the IBPS PO exam.

9. Bank PO Recruitment Examination – Arihant

A complete package for cracking the IBPS PO exam from Arihant publication. It consists of all the five sections in a single book.

10. Bank PO Solved papers for PO & MT

The book is from Kiran Publication. It consists of the solved IBPS PO exam papers of 10 years. The IBPS PO exam consists of 30 to 40 percent of the questions which are already asked once. So if you can go through the solved papers of 10 years back, it will help you in cracking the exam easily.

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