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रेवोलुशन 2020 – चेतन भगत | Revolution 2020 Hindi Book

revolution 2020

Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat (Review)

Revolution 2020 is a romantic fiction from the pen of Chetan Bhagat. It is a story set in a small town of Varanasi. A story of two intelligent boy Gopal and Raghav. They were both friends, however their ideologies were poles apart. One want to use his intelligent to earn money and other want to create a revolution. And the common thing between them was they loved the same girl Aarti.

In order to fulfill their dreams it was very important to them was to cope up with the unfair and corrupted society. Gopal just give up to the system but Raghav fights with it. Revolution 2020 is a story about a selfless love of Gopal who forgo Aarti because he himself knows that he is not good for her.  Now you can also read Harry Potter Aur Half Blood Prince in Hindi. A heart touching and at the same time heart breaking love story of Gopal and Aarti. Do you have ever seen anyone who has left his love just for that his lover remain happy? Hardly few. This is the story of that lover who gave his life to his friend. A must read romantic novel.

revolution 2020
Revolution 2020 Hindi Book

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