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राजकुमारी – बंकिम चन्द्र चटर्जी | Rajkumari by Bamkim Chatopadhyay Hindi PDF Book


Rajkumari is a novel from the pen of renowned writer Bamkin Chandra Chatopadhyay. It’s a story about a fifteen year old girl Sukumari. The story of the novel starts with Sukumari and Maanik, her best friend. They are seating on the bank of the river. Maanik is talking to Sukumari, but Sukumari is lost in her thoughts and just looking at her reflection.

After that Maanik asked her to go back to their home, she stands and starts walking. She is lost in her thoughts in such extent that she didn’t realize she is about to reach her home. When she realized she become frightened. Maanik asked her what happened?

Initially she refuse to tell anything, but after insisting, she showed Maanik her back which have marks of beating. This even made Maanik fell into tears. He asked her who beat her? She took her father’s name. This made Maanik very angry. He asked her more, she starts telling something suspicious about her life, but then her father called her.


So, if you want to know the suspicious story of Sukumari’s life, read Rajkumari Hindi Book. No you can also read Mangalsutra in Hindi free available here.

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