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The God of Small Things

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The God of Small Things is a novel which narrates the story of two twins Rahel and Esthappen. The story s set in a place called Ayemenem which is in Kerela. Story starts with Ammu Ipe who lives with her father and mother. However she didn’t like them because his father’s and mother’s ill nature towards her. They are not rich people and they do not have sufficient dowry to pay off in Ammu Ipe marriage.

One day she convinces her parents to go to one of her aunt in Kolkata. Her parents agreed but Ammu does not came back she married a tea estate owner there. Later on she come to know that her husband is alcoholic and he also beats her. She left him and went back to Ayemenem. There she game birth to Estha and Rahel.

Ammu’s mother father also died and her brother return back from England. Along with them now also liver her father sister who is in love with a father of the church. However the other person has no such feeling for her so she decides to remain spinster throughout her life. However this made her very rude. Ammu’s brother has divorced his wife and has a daughter Sophia who now lives with him.


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