Shivagami Ka Uday

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Shivagami Ka Uday is a story of a women warrior. The story starts in the Mahishmathi empire. Mahishmathi is an empire which is blessed by Gauriparvat. The kingdom is governed by the king who enjoys the support along with the loyalty of his kingdom. Everything in the book appears to be so pure and clean but is everything the way it looks like? Or is the empire trying to hide its evil deeds and intentions under their social work.

Shivagami is waiting for the day when she can take revenge of her father’s death. She lost her family at a very young age and became orphan. The enemy of Shivagami was none other than the king of Mahishmathi. Her intentions are to destroy the Mahishmathi empire and prove her father as innocent. How far she will go on her own against the king of Mahishmathi? Will she succeed in her intentions? Will she be able to take revenge of her father’s death. To get answers of all such questions, do read Shivagami Ka Uday Hindi Book.


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