Samved Ka Subodh Bhasya

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Samved Ka Subodh Bhasya in Hindi is available for download. The ebook edition of Samved Ka Subodh Bhasya in pdf format download from here – No Ads, Easy & Fast Downloads.

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Samved Ka Subodh Bhasya is Hindi translation of Samved. It is among one of the Veda in Hindu mythology. One of the oldest Hindu scriptures which consists of melodies and chants. Originally the Veda is available in Sanskrit language. However, the book that we are providing is the Sanskrit to Hindi translation of Veda. The credit of translation goes to Damodar Satvalekar.

It is believed that Samveda was written before Rigveda. The Samveda consists in detail Chandogya Upanishad and Kena Upanishad. In short and simple words, this Veda consist of fusion of older melodies and Rig verses. To be surprising, the melodies in the Veda are the world’s oldest melodies. In addition to this, the musical notation is also written either above or within the line of Samveda text.


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