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Parineeta is a novel based on the dowry concept in marriage. This is a book from the pen of Sharat Chandra Chatopadhyay. The book shows the cruel side of the dowry. This is a story about an ordinary clerk Gurucharan who is about to have fifth girl child. His monthly income is Rs. 60. Already in the marriage of his second daughter, he has to mortgage his home. Now he has left with nothing.

Gurucharan’s sister’s girl Lalita also lives with him. She has also grown and is ready for the marriage. However, Gurucharan has not left with even a penny to married her off. Family of Naveenchand Rai lives in the neighborhood of  Gurucharan. His youngest son Shekhar is very close to the family. He has taught Lalita from the age of eight years. He teaches her and in return she used to perform his all the tasks happily.With the time, they fall in love with each other. Do they get married or get apart from each other? Well, for knowing you have to read Parineeta Hindi Book.


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