Namak Ka Daroga

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Namak Ka Daroga is a short story from the pen of Munshi Premchand. This is another masterpiece of Premchand which is simple though very intimidating. The theme of the book is corruption and dishonesty. The story of the book takes the readers back to the British period. At this time, salt was considered one of the most precious item and is not easily available. In addition to this, Britishers levy heavy taxes over it. You would be surprised that people even smuggle it in order to earn huge money.

The story starts with a man named Vanshidhar  who is appointed as the salt inspector. He is a very honest man. He doesn’t accept bribes. After becoming salt inspector, he stops the salt’s smuggling of Pandit Alopidin. However with his money and power, he suspended the honest inspector. But here comes the twist. He got mesmerized by the inspector’s honesty and hence made him the manager of his entire estate.

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  1. Neetu Aggarwal

    kindly send hindi pdf of namak ka daroga

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