Katora Bhar Khoon

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Katora Bhar Khoon by Babu Devaki Nandan Khatri is a novel about young and beautiful women who was married to a young man named Veer.  King of the place want beautiful Tara for himself. And hence he sent Tara’s husband to fight with robber who fights improperly. So Tara also wants to go with him and also request him to take her with him.

However, Veer says if he will take her with himself then society will say that he is slave of his wife. And Beer said to Tara that till her father is still alive, the king cannot do anything wrong with her. So Tara reminds him of her father’s “Katora bhar Khoon” incident.

On the other hand Tara’s father was being asked to kill his own daughter and again he was being reminded this  incident again and again.


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