Kaling Ka Rajkumar

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Kaling Ka Rajkumar by Kamal Shukla which is a novel in which readers will be enjoying the story of brave Prince of Kaling Purushottam and princes of Kanchi Kingdom Padmavati. In Kaling Ka Rajkumar book, Prince Purushottam wants to see the whole world so he set out on a journey with some of his body guards and army and his favourite and most loyal horse.

After continuous journey of hours and hours, Prince Purushottam get tired and order his army that they will wait outside the forest of Kanchi Kingdom. There Prince Purushottam saw beautiful golden deer, which fascinates Prince and decided to hunt them alone.

When he was going for hunting two soldiers stood in front of him and try to capture him to bring him in front of Princess Padmavati of Kanchi Kingdom as he was disturbing the peace of the forest and was killing innocent animal. However, these two soldiers failed to do so, as Prince Purushottam was a very skilled warrior.


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