Kahaani Shalya Chikitsa Ki

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Kahaani Shalya Chikitsa Ki by Dr. Yatish Agarwal is a book which is dedicated to the story of surgical science from the age of early man to till date. Kahaani Shalya Chikitsa Ki Hindi Book has been written under the project “Pade aur seekhe yojana” being initiated by Government of India. The history of Surgical science is very fascinating.

The history of surgical science is as old as the history of human being. Early man who used to live in caves also used to treat their diseases as per their intelligence and common sense. However, as the human being developed, his way of thinking also developed.

On the bank of river Ganga and Nile, the two most famous civilizations developed – Indian Civilization and Mesopotamian civilization and so is the development of surgical or other treatments were developed.


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