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Kaamvasna is a sexual fantasy from the pen of Rajeev Kulshrestha. The book starts with a man named Nitin who is sitting under a tree and is lost in his thoughts. He is smoking and is comparing with a lover. Suddenly his mother called him and ask him what he is thinking? He ignores her mother and he starts thinking again. Then he saw a man who is lightening a small clay pot under a Peepal tree. Nitin went there and ask him what he is doing?. In return Manoj said, do you believe in ghosts? After standing sometime there, Nitin saw a shadow of a woman. He starts fearing that it is a ghost.

Nitin controlled his fear and asked Manoj about it. Then Manoj ask a cigarette from him and start telling his story. Manoj said, initially he used to treat her brother’s wife as his mother but after sometime, he starts to see her as a woman. One day he was looking at her when his brother’s wife caught him and ask him what he was seeing. After hesitating, Manoj told his brother’s wife everything.


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