Jyotiba Fule

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Jyotiba Fule is a biography of an Indian social reformer who was a renowned personality.  He was born on 11 April 1827. And dedicated his life to fight against the caste-ism and religion bias in India. The spark to fight for the lower caste and people who are treated as inferior risen from a incident that happens in his life.

Once Jyotiba Fule was invited by his Brahmin friend. Later the bride’s side relative make fun of him and his lower caste. This hurted him alot. From that day he decides to fought against the cast-ism system. From that day, Jyotiba dedicated his entire life for fighting for the rights of the lower caste people. Jyotiba Phule’s life inspires the reader that no matter what caste, religion, sex, you belong, every individual is same, equal and has equal rights as others.


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