Gupt Kaalin Vaishnav Dharm

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Gupt Kaalin Vaishnav Dharm by Neeta Stephen is a book which deals with the status of Vaishnav Dharm in the classic age or Gupta Age. In Gupt Kaalin Vaishnav Dharm Hindi Book writer has talked about the emergence and evolution of Vaishnav Dharm also known as Vishnuism and its followers are knows as Vaishnavas and consider Vishnu as their supreme God.

The Gupta Age is considered to be the Golden Era in the Indian history where everything was at the booming stage. Gupta age was quite famous for the evolution of Vaishnav Dharm in India. The main speciality of Gupta age is that at this age many religion emerge and most importantly Hinduism. Most of the Kings at the time of Gupta Age were Vaishnavas and they used to call themselves as “Bhagwat”.

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