Bharat Gandhi Ke Baad

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Bharat Gandhi Ke Baad book consists of  the history of the world’s largest democracy. The book has come from the pen of Ramchandra Guha. Even there is a section in the book named as Bharat Gandhi Ke Baad. Sushant Jha has divided the book into two different parts the first part part of the book deals with “India after Gandhi” while second section deals with “India after Nehru”.

The story line of the book begins with where it seems that after Independence India would just break down due to problems like communalism and civil war. While reading this book you will find that the writer of the book Ramachandra Guha is actually big fan and is in love with Nehru ji. Ramachandra has even praised Patel for all his commendable efforts. While you will even find that Guha has been favoring Ambedkar when there is mention of Hindu bill. A must read book before you die.


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