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Aurangzeb is a biography written by Anand Priya Atma Ram. He was the sixth Mughal Emperor known for his cruelity, wickedness and stone heart, however Aurangzeb was the only Mughal Emperor in whose reign, Mughal Empire raise to its greatest height. In his reign he expand his empire to the south and ruled over almost entire Indian Sub-continent.

Auragzeb was also the first Mughal Emperor who abandoned the legacy of pluralism which was always a controversial issue in his reign and ultimately led to the fall of Mughal Empire.

Aureagzeb was a very strong personality with very high ambitious and has always achieved what he wants whether by hook or crook. He is not considered an ideal emperor but there are some untouched aspects which were never touched of his life.

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  1. Dilshad Akbar


  2. Dilshad Akbar

    It was really very good book.

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