Ashadh Ka Ek Din

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Ashadh Ka Ek Din is the first modern play from the pen of Mohan Rakesh. This play was written in the year 1958. The play is on the life of Kalidasa. The story of the play is like this – Kalidasa is a ordinary man who is living a life of peace in a Himalayan village. He is in love with a girl named Mallika of the same village. However one day Chandragupta II summon him to come to his court. Mallika wants that his love gains respect throughout the country so Kalidasa went to the King’s court.

In King’s court he become quite popular and also marries a noblewoman from the name of Priyangumanjari. After few months of his marriage he decides to revisit his village. In his journey he completely ignores Mallika. However his wife approach her and ask her to marry. She even finds a man for her. But Mallika rejects it.


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