Ankahe Ehsaas

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Ankahe Ehsaas  is a book which consist of collection of gazals, Hindi songs, prose. Ankahe Ehsaas Hindi Book provides a perfect blend of Hindi and Urdu literature. Sometimes feelings are shared verbally and sometime without saying a single word one can share his or her feelings. When the intensity of feelings deepened, then it take the shape of words.

When first book of Jyoti Sinha, Ankahe Ehsaas is being made public, her feeling also get shared with everyone. Here are the few lines from Ankahe Ehsaas book –

Jeevan Jyon Jalti Dopeheri
Sneh Chaav pal do pal theheri
Sara Jeevan Raah Nihari
Hate Na Vyavadhano ke Preheri

Tinko sa behte Rehna
Kul Kagaron par Dehena
Katra – Katra Khusiyon se
Bharna Mann Ka Gehrapan

Bikraye Kajrari Alke
Sehsa Hi Fir Bheegi Palke
Kar Singaar Dharini Muskayi
Jab Adhar Se Madhu Ghat Chalke

Tum Swarnim Aabha Wale
Bann Gaye Meet Mohak Gehna
Mann Mandir ke deepak tum
Jagmag – jagmag jalte rehna

Very beautiful and touching lines, this is just a small glimpse of Ankahe Ehsaas by Jyoti Kiran Sinha.


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