Adhura Swarg

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Adhura Swarg is a social novel from the pen of Bhagwati Prasad Vajpayee. The novel is a story of a woman named Kamini and Thakur Gajendra Singh. Both are lovers for a long time. However, at the time of their marriage, Kamini run away with an another man. She get married with that man. However, after sometime, her husband dies and she become a widow.

See the dilemma of Kamini, she has to go to Thakur Gajendra Singh once again. There she accepted that she is very lucky that she got the chance of becoming his lover. Now the question is, if Kamini really loves Gajendra Singh, then why she run away from her marriage. And moreover, what made Kamini to come back to Gajendra Singh after so long time.


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