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प्रेतनी का मायाजाल – राजीव कुलश्रेष्ठ | Pretni Ka Mayajal Hindi Book PDF Download

pretni ka mayajal hindi book

Pretni Ka Mayajal is a horror fiction from the pen of Rajiv Kulshrestha. There are hardly few people who are aware of the fact that after death 30 percent of the people become ghosts. And people who have died before their time period due to misshapen such as accident, murder, disease, they remain in this earth as ghosts.

According to Pretni Ka Mayajal Hindi book, the life after death is also very important. The story of this novel is also based on theme of after life. In simple words, this is a story about ghosts and witches. It’s a story of a man ‘Prasoon’ who is dead and now roaming in this earth as a ghost. As a ghost he is able to read the minds of the normal people. Now you can also read Hast Rekhayen Bolti Hai book in Hindi.

One day a normal man came near him. The vibes that he was getting from this man was negative. He try to read his mind. When he read the mind of this man, he was thinking of killing a woman named Kusum. Prasoon try to get information about the woman but was not able to do so. Now the question is whether Prasoon was able to save the woman or not. Know why this story is named as Pretni Ka Mayajal, for that read Pretni Ka Mayajal from the download link given below.

pretni ka mayajal hindi book
Download Pretni Ka Mayajal Hindi Book

Pretni Ka Mayajal in PDF Download

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  1. हे महानुभाव(राजीव कुलश्रेष्ठ) मैंं आपके द्वारा लिखित सभी कथाओं का अध्ययन करना चाहता हूँ जो की आपमें अपने कथा (प्रेतनी का मायाजाल और कमवाशना ) में किया है जैसे प्रसून का इंसाफ इत्यादि। परंतु मै इसे कही भी ढूंढ नहीं पा रहा हूँ । अतः आपसे निवेदन है कि मुझे अपने सारे रचनाओ को पढ़ने का अवसर दे।

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