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मनुस्मृति | Manusmriti Hindi Book PDF Free Download


Manusmriti means Manav Dharma Shastra is an authoritative law text of Hindus. The book Manusmriti entails about a range of topics which includes creation of the world, sacraments like ‘Upanayana’ and marriage; duties of men and women placed in different strata of society and stages of life; penitential rites for violation of codes of conduct; and so on.

According to Hindu mythology it is also said that Manusmriti is the words of Brahma. The book consist of 12 chapters which have 2690 verses. You might also like reading about Karl Marx Ki Jivani by Rahul Sankrityayan. No one knows who wrote Manusmriti, the author has used word Manu, which has led the text to be associated with Hindus as Manu was the first human being and first king in the Indian tradition.

Manusmriti hindi book consist of codes and conduct which where framed in different period of time so their applicability is not universal. Though the book has talked about various roles of men and women in society, but there are so many verses in the book that full of prejudice, hatred  and discrimination against women.

Manusmriti is a good book to read but the reader should weigh the things that are given in  book based upon his/her intelligence and do not follow blindly what is written in the book as the book was written in a very different period of time.


Manusmriti PDF Download

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