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मंगल सूत्र – प्रेमचंद | Mangalsutra Hindi Book PDF


Mangalsutra is the last book from the pen of Premchand. However, he was not able to complete it. Mangalsutra novel revolves around the life of an author. This makes it unique from his other novels and writings. It’s a story of Devkumar who has two sons and one daughter. The elder son Santkumar is a lawyer who want a lavish life and does not follow his father’s morals. On the other hand, his younger son follows his father completely.

Devkumar is shown as a poet who also have an attitude. He also among those poets who receives many offers from Kings of various kingdoms to present his writings. But he wants them to come to him not want to go to them. But as the time was passing on his grip on the literature is becoming loose. Now Bhagavad Gita in Hindi is also available free here.

His two important books also didn’t bring much praises among the audiences. Things started getting worse when the money started to shrink. There are lots of credit available that is still on. Devkumar older son always criticizes his father for not making money for their children. So, if you are a fan of Premchand, then you should read his last writing that is Mangalsutra Hindi Book.

Mangalsutra Hindi Book PDF

Mangalsutra in PDF Download

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