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काशी का अस्सी – काशीनाथ सिंह | Kashi ka Assi by Kashinath Singh Hindi Book

Kashi ka Assi

Kashi Ka Assi by Kashinath Singh (Review)

Kashi ka Assi is a book from the pen of Kashinath Singh. The book is set in the most religious place of India that is Varanasi. It’s a place on the bank of Ganga river. Varanasi is among the most religious places in Hindus. The story in the book is set around the post independence period. The language used in this very explicit and portrays the color of Indian culture.

In addition to this, all the written materials that are there on the ghats of Varanasi it actually matches with the water, colors and rituals. The history presented by Kashinath Singh matches with the rituals, colors and water. The fields of Assi are rife with intellectual discussions of the fresh Babri Masjid demolition. You can also read Arthla by Vivek Kumar in Hindi. This is the ghat where people at the post independence era discuss the break-up of the USSR. This pace is knows as the night adda session of the ghat. A very interesting book which not only touches your mind but also heart.

Kashi ka Assi

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