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कान्थम्मा | Kanthamma Hindi Book PDF Free Download


Kanthamma is a novel which is a story of a women labor by the name of Kanthamma. This novel is originally written in Malyalam language. However, the book that we are providing you is the Hindi translation from the pen of Arvind Gupta.

The most highlighting aspect of the book is that, each and every line in the book is explained with the help of diagrams which makes the story quite interesting and intriguing. Now you can also read ‘The Popcorn Pirates’ in Hindi.

The story revolves around a women and his 4 children. One day when Kanthamma found out that, the time of water has changed. And this small incident affect her and her family to a larger extent. To know what happened, read Kanthamma in Hindi from the download link given below.


Kanthamma in PDF Download

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Download the book from here

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