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कबीर ग्रंथावली – माता प्रसाद गुप्ता | Kabir Granthawali by Mata Prasad Gupta Hindi Book PDF Free Download

Kabir Granthawali

In the area of Literature and Devotion name of Saint Kabir is becoming important day by day. Though if we look at the availability of Saint Kabir work, we cannot confidently say that the verses that are available belongs to Sant Kabir only.

But with Kabir Granthawali Hindi book, writer has tried to come up with the collection of Sant Kabir that is solely belongs to him. Jyotiba Fule by Durga Prasad Shukla Hindi Book PDF download for free. Till today there are 1600 verses, 4500 sakhiya and 134 ramaniya are available Sant Kabir.

Kabir Granthawali consist collection of Sant Kabir works which consist of very simple to understand verses but have very deep feeling. Some of the verses from Kabir Granthawali –

“Bura Jo Dekhen Mai Chala
Bura Na milya koi
Jo dil khoja aapna
Mujhse buran a koi”

“Karat Karat Abhyas Ke
Jadmati ho sujaan
Rassi avat jaat te
Shil par padat nishaan”

“Bada hua toh kya hua
jaise pedh khajur
panthi ko chaya nahi
Fal laage ati dur”

“Ati ka bhala na bolna
ati ki bhali na chup
ati ka bhala na barshna
ati ki bhali na dhup”

These are the just few verses from Kabir Granthawali, but have very deep meaning which teaches people that each and every individual should devote some time for looking after and caring for the needy ones and bring happiness to them.

Kabir Granthawali

Kabir Granthawali PDF Download

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