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कांच की चूड़ियाँ – गुलशन नन्दा | Kaanch Ki Chudiyan Hindi Book PDF

Kaanch Ki Chudiyan

Kaanch Ki Chudiyan is a book from the pen of Gulshan Nanda. The novel revolves around a young and innocent girl Ganga who is though belongs to a poor family but has self respect in herself. She is a daughter of a man named Banshi who worked as a servant in the household of a contractor named Pratap Singh. The story starts with a girl who is carefree but know her responsibilities. Here name is Ganga whose mother has died and she become the mother of her tow younger brothers.

One day when she was playing with other kids in a village, she accidentally hit a stone to a stranger. The strager gets hurt. However she ran away from the place of crime but somehow she was feeling guilty of her actions. She has a best friend Rupa, she told her this incident. But later on she come to know that, that stranger was the older brother of Rupa who has come home from a very long time. She apologize for the same. Now, both Rupa brother and Ganga develop feeling for each other. Now Bhagavad Gita in Hindi is also available.

Kaanch Ki Chudiyan

But something horrible was waiting to happen with his happy and carefree girl. Pratap Singh, where girl’s father used to work also sees Ganga and her beauty. He took advantage of her and  Mohan Rupa’s brother left her. Kaanch Ki Chudiyan Hindi Book revolves around how a woman fights for her respect and love. It is also interesting to see whether Ganga forgives Mohan for leaving her at the time of crisis.

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