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फैक्ट्री क्लर्क की डायरी – चेंग चिलुंग | Factory Clerk Ki Diary PDF Download

factory clerk ki diary book

Factory Clerk Ki Diary is a book on the life of Chang Chilung. In this book Chang Chilung has described each and everyday routine of him as a factory clerk. He was born in the year 1941 in a small town named Changshyen of Haipai. In 1958, he worked as a labor in Thyanchin Factory. He joined the army in the year 1960.

In the year 1965 he returned and again joined Thyanchin Factory. Here he worked in various position. However, he started writing from the year 1962. In 1976, his first book by the name ‘Machinery aur bijli bureau ke pradhan ke jeevan ka ek din’. And to his surprise, the book gained lots of popularity. Now you can also read Bharat Mein Bauddh Dharm Ki Kshay in Hindi.

Factory Clerk Ki Diary Hindi book not only tells the story of Chang Chilung but also describes the challenges that a factory clerk has to face in his work. In order to read Factory Clerk Ki Diary, click on the download link given below.

factory clerk ki diary book

Factory Clerk Ki Diary in PDF Download

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