Chetan Bhagat novels list

Chetan Bhagat Novels List –

Chetan Bhagat an Indian author who is known for his dramedy novels about middle class Indians. He has written many novels that have become quite popular among Indians. Bhagat’s novels has sold more than seven million copies. Here is Chetan Bhagat Novels List.

Chetan Bhagat Novels List

1. Revolution 2020

It is a romantic fiction from the pen of Chetan Bhagat. It is a story set in a small town of Varanasi. A story of two intelligent boy Gopal and Raghav. They were both friends, however their ideologies were poles apart. One want to use his intelligent to earn money and other want to create a revolution. And the common thing between them was they loved the same girl Aarti… Continue Reading

2. Half Girlfriend

A love story from the pen of Chetan Bhagat. The book belongs to the category of young adult romance. This is the story of a Bihari boy named as Madhav. Madhav is a man who has come from a remote village of Bihar and does not speak English. However he took admission in an English medium school St. Stephens College.

Here he fall in love with a girl who comes from completely a different society. Her name is Riya. She is a girl who is rich lives in Delhi and has studies in an English medium school from her childhood… Continue Reading

3. Five Point Someone

A novel based on the theme of friendship, success and love. This book is another amazing writing of Chetan Bahagat. The story of the book revolves around three friends who met while studying IIT. These three friends are annoying and unable to cope but love each other dearly. These three friends are Alok, Hari and Ryan. They started their career with lot of enthusiasm however were not able to get good grades. They used to get just five points out of 10… Continue Reading