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बंदरगाह – मोहब्बत मिरान | Bandargah by Tofil Mohabbat Miran Hindi Book


Bandargah by Tofil Mohabbat Miran Hindi Book (Review)

Bandargah by Tofil Mohabbat Miran is a Tamil novel. For Indian Languages, Novel is completely a different forte.There are several reasons both internal and external for the popularity of novels in India. They are use of prose in Hindi languages, English language, urbanization and many more.

Durgeshnandini by Bamkim Chandra Chatopadhyay is considered to be first Indian novel and later on came in Tamil language also. Bandargah book is a Hindi translation of Tamil book “Turremugam”. In Bandargah by Tofil Mohabbat Miran, the society that is being presented is full of superstitions. Read Khamosh Hoon Mai By Bhagwat Sharan by Ram Bansal.

People who are poor or do not have sufficient money to earn their livelihood and fulfill their necessities, they get trapped in the hands of Zamindars and capitalist, and hunger and poverty become an integral part of their life.In the name of religion, they are doing wrong things and the politicians and rich people are taking advantage of them and exploiting them.

Well, there is a saying nothing is permanent, only a day is needed to end all the darkness and so in this novel Bandargah also, people come out of their superstitions. In Bandargah Hindi Book, it is presented that with the introduction of English education, people started to stand in front of Zamindars and Capitalist and at the end they experience a day which be rings all the positive things. In order to read, click on the buy link given below.


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