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बात बात में बात – यशपाल | Baat Baat Mein Baat by Yashpal Hindi Book PDF Free Download

Baat Baat Mein Baat by Yashpal

Baat Baat Mein Baat by Yashpal is a book in which through stories the sensitive issues that are most commonly seen in Indian society has been raised. There are two types of literature – Pure literature and Societal Literature.

If we look at the old Literature in Hindi, every literature supports the surrender and sacrifices of rulers, even if they have caused so much destruction to the mankind, supports the right of man over his woman no matter how wrong he is treating her and also supports the loyalty towards his master no matter the servant has to even given up his life.

Baat Baat Mein Baat Hindi Book has discuss on such issues. In Baat Baat Mein Baat book, writer if on one hand he has discouraged the old thoughts about power of man over woman then on other hand he has also talked about today’s woman who are holding an important place in society, wherever field one looks, one can see they are everywhere from Avial to civil services, corporates to entrepreneur.

Also enjoy reading Assi Kahaniya – a book which consist of collection of stories of Vinod Shankar Vyas. For reading Baat Baat Mein Baat Book, Baat Baat Mein Baat Hindi Book PDF from the download link given below.

Baat Baat Mein Baat by Yashpal

Baat Baat Mein Baat PDF Download

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