Tatya Tope

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Tatya Tope by Sundar Lal Srivastava is a biography of freedom fighter who played a very significant role in the revolt of 1857. The credit of this biography goes to Sunder Lal Srivastyav. Tatya’s actual name was Ramchandra Pandurang Tope. He was also a personal adherent of Nana Sahib of Bithur.

Also he become part of Gwalior regiment in the Revolt of 1857 to make the Britishers taste dust. Later on also help Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi and restored the Gwalior from the hands of Britishers. However, he has to taste defeat from General Napier’s British India troops Ranod as well as Sikar and so abandoned the campaig


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