Pita Putra

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Pita Putra in Hindi is available for download. The ebook edition of Pita Putra in pdf format download from here – No Ads, Easy & Fast Downloads.

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Pita Putra by Homen Brguhani  is a novel which is a beautiful story deals with the relationship of a father and son. This novel is originally present in Assamese language. The book that we are providing you is the Hindi translation . It is a story about two generations and the differences in their thinking and view point.

In order to make the story more lively, the writer has poured all his Hindi literary knowledge on it. The story is set in a small village named as Mohdhuli in Assam. From his writing, it is clear that he knows about Assam and their people.

In Pita Putra by Homen Brguhani, writer presents the picture of various incidents that took place after Independence of India. The protagonist of the novel is Shiv Nath.


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