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Dandi is a book authored by Jai Shankar Tripathi on the famous Dandi March (Salt March) launched and carried by Mahatma Gandhi. In March was part or you can say an act of Civil Disobedience movement led by Mohandas Gandhi. Dandi March was intitated by Gandhiji to makle the salt from seawater which Britishers have made illegal and even force the people to stop the act of making salt.

It was a non violent protest against the British Monopoly over salt. This Dandi March was started from Sabarmati Ashram, and 78 people along with Gandhiji. While he also started the Dandi March and walked for 390 kilometres to reach Dandi, a small town. Furthermore on the way many people join Gandhiji’s Dandi March and on 24th day Gandihiji. In addition the mass led by him reached Dandi and produce salt without paying any tax.


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