Sher Shah Suri Ki Jivani

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Sher Shah Suri – the founder of Suri dynasty in  India. His childhood name was Farid. However after kinng a Tiger, he is given the name “Sher Shah Suri”. He was known for his excellent administrative skills. Because of these skills only, he was able to expand his empire and won many battles.

Sher Shah Suri is a biography authored by Vidya Bhaskar, who has try to penned the entire life of Sher Shah Suri from his birth to how he become the founder of Suri dynasty and ultimately his achievements and bravery in the most fascinating way.

Sher Shah Suri hindibook is a good book to read, and the character and persona of Sher Shah Suri depicted in the book inspires you that, if you have passion accompanied by some intelligence and smartness, you can rule the world.


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